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Monday, January 25, 2016

Tag Question কি ? Tag Question বলতে কি বুঝায় ?

Tag Question : Subject বা বক্তা তার বক্তব্যের সমর্থন পাওয়ার জন্য বক্তব্যের শেষে  একটি ছোট্ট প্রশ্ন করে বসে । এরূপ ছোট প্রশ্নকে Tag Question বলে । মনে রাখতে হবে Affirmative Sentence এ Negative Tag Question হয় এবং Negative Sentence এ Affirmative Tag Question হয় । 
যেমন :
  1.   It is very hot today.(Tag Question) Isn't it ? 
  2. She does not read a book. (Tag Question) Does She ?
  3. You are a good boy. Aren't you ?
  4. He has not finished the work. Has he ?
  5. We eat rice. Don't we ?
  6. He spoke the truth. Didn't he ?
  7. He did not speak the truth. Did he ?
  8. Tania will not cook rice. Will she ?
  9. We were playing football. Weren't we ?
  10. We shall go home. Shan't we ?


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